Ashburn Farm is Ready for Summer Fun!  Come Enjoy the Sunshine!

The pool season begins the Saturday before Memorial Day, and the last day of the season falls on Labor Day of each year.  An Association Pool Identification Card or a guest pass is required to enter the pool facilities.

Acquiring a Pool ID

Membership will include all members living in residence. Members over age 18 must provide their own government-issued photo ID with the Ashburn Farm address. Each household is also allowed one restricted member not living in the home, such as a nanny. This person will only be allowed access to the pools while caring for the member’s children. The restricted membership is allowed for families with at least one child under 12. All members of the household over age two before the opening of the pool season will need to have a pass. Children under two will not require a pool pass. Adult pool passes are to be updated every five years; children’s pool passes are to be updated every three years until the age of 18.

All pool members are bound by the established Ashburn Farm Pool Rules set forth by the Board of Trustees. Pool access may be revoked if your Association assessments are past due, or you have architectural violations.

Members and Guests using the pools do so at their own risk. Lifeguards are on duty to enforce Rules and Regulations and to respond to emergencies. You are ultimately responsible for the safety of your children and guests! No lifeguards are on duty at the wading pools.


To obtain a new pool ID card, you must submit a pool pass application, which must include all members of the household over the age of two, proof of residency in the form of a government-issued ID, and photos you would like to use as your ID picture in JPG format. If the ID has not been updated with the Ashburn address, a utility bill, vehicle registration, or home settlement documents must be submitted along with the government-issued ID.  Photos are required for residents aged nine and up.  If applying for passes via email, photos must be in passport-style, against a wall, from the shoulders up to You may also bring in the application and proof of residency to the Association office, and pictures can be taken there.

Payment in the form of cash or check is accepted; each pass costs $5.00.


In addition to the homeowner process, the renter must also provide the Offsite Information Contact Form. This form must be completed by the homeowner (page 2) and renter (page 3) to be submitted along with the application, proof of residency, and photos.


Owners of an Ashburn Farm property may choose to surrender their pool membership to their renter, or not. One household membership will be given per property.  Owners may keep their pool membership but must inform tenants of this decision. Renters can purchase a Non-Member pool membership if they would like.

Nonresident Pool Membership

There will be 250 Non-Resident Pool Memberships available for purchase in 2021.  The price for a family membership is $375.  That price includes passes for the family and the use of all three Ashburn Farm facilities.  All other rules and pool pass policies remain the same whether a member is an Ashburn Farm resident or outside our community.

Please email with questions or concerns. 

Click here for the Outside Member Pool Application.

Guest Passes

Any nonresident (age two and up) will need a guest pass to use the Ashburn Farm Pools and must be accompanied by a community member in good standing.

Guest passes purchased in the Association Office (Monday – Friday), can be purchased at the following quantity discount.

Quantity of PassesPrice
1 to 5$5 per pass
6 to 15$3.50 per pass
16 or more$2.50 per pass
The Association Office only accepts cash or check

You can also purchase guest passes at the pools.  Guest passes bought at the pools must be used at the time of purchase.

** Guest passes purchased at the pools are $5 per pass regardless of quantity and must be purchased with CHECK ONLY.

Pool Rules

Click 2021 Pool Rules to view the complete list of rules.

Pool Attire

Public Wi-Fi

All three Ashburn Farm Association pool facilities provide complimentary wireless internet access via open, wireless networks.

Use at your own risk

It is strongly recommended that you do not use our publicly available network to transmit personal, financial, or legal data, as it is not possible for the Association to protect you against malicious theft or interception of such data transmitted over the unsecured wireless networks.

The Association is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen goods, or loss resulting from using the wireless access points provided.

Please visit our website to read Ashburn Farm Association’s Public Wi-Fi Internet Access Use Agreement.  Your use of the service indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Reason for Pool Closings

Thunderstorms – The pool area and deck must remain clear for forty-five minutes after the last clap of thunder or visible lightning.

Rain – Light rain or passing showers generally do not require the pools to close but can cause temporary suspension of pool use or in some cases closure.  Heavy rain that limits the water clarity limits the lifeguard’s ability to safely monitor swimmers.  Use of the pool will be suspended or closed for the day if the bottom of any portion of the pool cannot be clearly seen or the temperature is too low.

In instances where body fluids like feces or vomit are released in the pool, the affected pool will be closed for a minimum of six – twenty-four hours. If for any other reason, a pool requires closing for emergency repair situations, a notice will be posted at the pool, online, as well as emailed to the community.

Pool Parties for Children

  1. Tables cannot be reserved for any parties.
  2. Table use is a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Furniture should remain in place and not be moved.
  4. Please do not leave trash on tables or ground, trash receptacles are provided.
  5. Parties are limited to 15 people or less.
  6. One adult chaperone is required for every five children.
  7. Parties are not permitted on holiday weekends.
  8. Pool policies apply to all members and guests.

Swimming Lessons

The Crystal Aquatics lifeguards are responsible for coordinating swimming lessons for children.  Please speak to the lifeguards to arrange dates/times for your child(ren).

Pool Rental

Please contact the Association Office with any questions about pool rentals.

Click on the links below to download the documents.

Click here for the Pool Rental Request Form.

Documents/Forms for page

2021 Pool Rules

2021 Pool Hours

2021 Resident Pool Pass Application

2021 Nonresident Pool Pass Application

2021 Pool Pass Application Process


Pool WiFi Agreement