Board of Trustees


Board Meetings

The next Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for 4/6/2020 at 7 PM in the Windmill Community Center. Click here to view the April BOT meeting agenda.  All residents are welcome to attend!

The Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for 4/7/2020 at 8 PM in the Windmill Community Center. Click here to view the Annual Meeting Agenda.


2020 Annual BOT Election

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Association members is scheduled for April 7th, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the Windmill Community Center located at 21400 Windmill Drive in Ashburn Farm. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

One of the items at the Annual Meeting is to elect new members to the Ashburn Farm Board of Trustees. These volunteers are a huge part of our Association’s success. You can be an important part of that by bringing your expertise to the Board. Please consider running for a seat on the Board of Trustees.

The Ashburn Farm Board of Trustees generally schedules their meetings for the first Tuesday of each month to meet with homeowners and discuss Association business; however, there are some exceptions due to holidays. Some time may occasionally be required between meetings to deal with critical business that cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Email is also an important tool used by the Board members when there are decisions and discussions that need to take place prior to a meeting.

Our ByLaws state “Candidates for election shall file a petition of candidacy, signed by not less than ten Members, with the Election Committee at least three weeks before the Annual Meeting. The Election Committee shall provide all members with a ballot containing the names of all bona fide candidates with the notice of the Annual Meeting.”

Because quorum was not met during the 2019 election, the ByLaws state that the appointed members (those who received the most votes) can only serve a one-year appointment term. This means there will be seven open Board of Trustee seats in the 2020 election. The term will run from 2020 through 2022. To qualify for candidacy, you must complete the following two forms: Petition for Candidacy and the Member Nominating Form. The forms must be submitted to the Association Office no later than February 10th, 2020 if you would like your profile to be included in the March newsletter. Any profile submitted after that date will only be published to the website, but will still be included in the informational letter that will be sent out to all homeowners with the proxies for voting.

The closing date for the completed forms is March 11th, 2020, by 5:00 pm to fulfill the requirement of the ByLaws.

Questions regarding the Annual Meeting or the Board of Trustees election can be addressed to the Ashburn Farm Association Office at 703-729-6680 or email

General Information about the Board

The affairs of the Association are managed by a Board of up to seven Trustees, whose authority is granted in the Association’s governing documents.  This is an all-volunteer homeowner group that is responsible for interpreting the covenants and rules governing Ashburn Farm. The term for office for an elected Trustee is two years.

For more information on the Board of Trustees – elections, duties, etc., please refer to the Ashburn Farm Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions – and the Bylaws of Ashburn Farm Association.

Most Board of Trustees Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month – 7:00 p.m. at the Windmill Association Office.  All Ashburn Farm homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings.  The BOT meeting minutes that were approved by the Board of Trustees at the most recent meeting can be found here.

Questions can be directed to: or you may call the Association Office at 703-729-6680.


Members of the Board

President: Steven Lovejoy
Term: 4/18-4/20

Rich Oakley
Vice President: Rich Oakley
Term: 4/18-4/20
Not Available
Secretary: David Tighe
Term: 9/18-4/19
Steve Lubore
Treasurer: Steve Lubore
Term: 4/18-4/20
Shirley Tabor
Trustee: Shirley Tabor
Term: 4/17-4/19
Doug Brewer
Trustee: Doug Brewer
Term: 4/17-4/19