Policies & Restrictions

The purpose of the Ashburn Farm Covenants and Restrictions is to give our community a more standard appearance and control some of the activities that take place within its boundaries. When enforced, covenants protect property values. The Association, of which every Ashburn Farm Homeowner is automatically a member, owns, maintains and administers the common areas and their improvements; administers and enforces the Covenants and Restrictions; collects and disperses the assessments; and promotes the quality of life within the community by performing such services as trash collection. The daily administration work of the Association is carried out by paid Association Staff. 

The Association staff is guided by the Board of Trustees through authority granted in the Association’s governing documents. The Board of Trustees is elected by the residents. Since resident input is a major factor in all issues, the Association’s governing documents include provisions for resident representation on the Board of Trustees. The most effective way for residents to have a voice in the community is to become actively involved as a volunteer in neighborhood activities and Association committees.