Why Require Hard-Sided Toters?

Why has the use of hard-sided containers with an attached tight-fitting lid not been previously required for townhomes?

At the June 6, 2017 Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to adopt language similar to the Loudoun County Ordinance regarding storage of trash and recycling, which can be found on the County website at https://www.loudoun.gov/DocumentCenter/View/393/Appendix-H-Chapter-1082?bidId=

Trash Storage and Collection

The Ashburn Farm Association is continuing to enforce the community trash & recycling standards. The effort has two objectives: to reduce the amount of blowing trash in the community and to ensure compliance with the Covenants and Standards of the Association.  The Association Standard requires a hard-sided container with an attached tight-fitting lid for both trash and recycling storage and collection. Trash and recycling placed at the curb for collection in plastic bags or uncovered containers is a violation.  Residents found repeatedly in violation of the Association’s trash standards will be invited to a 55-513(b) Hearing, where fines can be imposed.