Road Maintenance in Ashburn Farm

How Is the Paving Schedule Determined?

Have you ever wondered how VDOT determines its paving schedule?  Roads in Ashburn Farm are included in the Ashburn District, and VDOT is slowly moving through the Ashburn District and repaving the publicly-owned roads (those in single family neighborhoods).  Each year, they must prioritize all roads based on a Condition Index (found here:, then they arrive at a more detailed rating based on structure stability, volume of cars and residential input.  There are many data points that go into this decision, and this is just one part of the prioritization process, but resident input is very helpful. 

Scheduled VDOT Projects

Once VDOT does schedule maintenance, the schedule is uploaded to VDOT’s website:

Reporting Road Problems  

Paramount to the above, the Association encourages Association Members to report all road problems directly to VDOT through its “Report a Road Problem” website: .