Property Inspections

Annual Property Inspection

This inspection is a review of each lot and the exterior of all structures therein. Simply put … your lot should be tidy and any structures or modifications must be clean and in a good/serviceable condition.

When a Covenants Inspector reviews your property, the Governing documents, including the Architectural Standards & Maintenance Guidelines, are used as the benchmark. The exterior of the home will be visually inspected for any wood deterioration or fading paint. A visual inspection of your gutters, downspouts and drains will be done to ensure everything is securely attached and in good condition. Your siding will be inspected for discoloration, excessive dirt, or other damage or stains. The location of any portable basketball goals or play equipment will be noted as well as any trash cans and recycling containers not stored properly. Lawns that need to be cut or trees that should be pruned or removed will be noted. Also as part of a requirement of Loudoun County code, we will ensure your house numbers are easily visible from the street. The appearance of your deck, patio, and any other exterior improvements that may exist will also be inspected.

If you have made a modification to your home or an improvement to your lot and have not filed an Exterior Alteration Application with the Association Office, please do so as soon as possible to avoid receiving a violation for not doing so. The forms are available in the Association Office or on the Association website. Please click to read more about the inspection process and what it entails.

Please click to read more about the inspection process and what it entails.