Property Inspection Schedule

The Association is performing annual inspections of the homes/Lots in the community from public space / common area. 

The Association will continue the annual property inspections next week.

Homes on the following streets will be inspected the week of May 24th.


  • Wayside Cir (43300 – 43392)
  • Dewberry Ct
  • Edgebrook Ct
  • Wildrose Ct
  • Elmhurst Ct
  • Wellhouse Ct
  • Grainery Ct
  • Misty Meadow Ct
  • Chokeberry Sq
  • Southwind Terr
  • Weatherwood Dr
  • Lawnsberry Sq
  • Mt Pleasant Terr
  • Elm Grove Terr
  • Buttermere Terr
  • Farmgate Terr
  • Chestermill Sq
  • Gardenpost Sq
  • Stillforest Terr
  • Brookford Sq
  • Adena Terr
  • Benwood Terr
  • Lansing Terr
  • Dillonvale Terr
  • Yorkville Terr
  • Alderleaf Terr
  • Silver Queen Terr
  • Crape Myrtle Terr
  • Fordham Terr
  • Clifton Terr
  • Walsheid Terr
  • Trout Terr
  • Cedar Glen Terr
  • Whisperwood Terr
  • Medley Terr
  • Day Lily Terr
  • Rush Run Terr
  • Walter Terr
  • Elk View Terr
  • Hartsville Terr
  • Tiltonsville Terr
  • Brightcrest Terr
  • Thurgood Terr
  • Deerwatch Pl
  • Cherrystone Pl

Inspectors will be utilizing public sidewalks, rights of way, as well as Association Common Area to inspect properties. This will include filling out the Property Inspection Checklist published in the Newsletter as well as taking photographs with a small tablet.

You may request a copy of your Inspection Report, which will note conditions on the property visible from public view, a copy of the Inspection Checklist and the photos taken of the property by contacting the Association Covenants Department,

The items noted on the annual Inspection Report would be noted as out-of-compliance during a resale disclosure inspection but may not be a complete list as some areas of your property may not be visible from public space.