Parking Covenants

Click here to review the Policies and Procedures Relative to Parking and Towing of Vehicles.

Towing Without Notice

For the safety of all residents, the following vehicles in violation will be towed without notice:

  • Any vehicle parked in front of or blocking mailbox access which impedes delivery or pickup of mail.
  • Vehicles may be parked only in designated parking spaces. Vehicles may not park in park in “No Parking” areas or “Fire Lane” areas as posted or designated.
  • Any vehicle parked in a manner that blocks any handicap ramp.
  • Any vehicle parked in a way which limits egress or ingress into or out of a driveway or designated parking space.
  • Any vehicle which is double-parked.
  • “For Hire” vehicles parked in unassigned or open spaces will be towed without notice.
  • Any vehicle, including those owned by non-resident contractors, parked on the walking trails or any common area not designated for parking.
  • Any vehicle with repeat violations.

Commercial Vehicles – 48 Hour Notice to Tow

Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking in any Association-owned parking lot, or street, during overnight hours, from 6PM – 7 AM and are defined below:

  • Any vehicle which displays advertising, except for vehicles displaying no more than two (2) decals or lettering covering no more than 432 square inches (18″ x 24″) each.
  • Any vehicle with externally located commercial equipment or materials. Commercial equipment shall include, but not limited to:  ladders, compressors, generators, landscaping equipment, pumps, building trade tools, emergency flashing light bars, and beacons such as used on tow trucks.
  • Any stake body, box body, or other utility body mounted to a cab chassis.
  • Any commercially licensed vehicle with dual rear axles.
  • Any public or private school vehicle, church vehicle, or organization vehicle.
  • Any vehicle licensed “for hire” including but not limited to taxi cabs, limousines, shuttles.* See additional information – For Hire Vehicles.
  • Any trailers, tractors, or tractor-trailers, and dump trucks.
  • Any farm implement or construction equipment.
  • Any vehicles in excess of 12,000 lbs., or as stipulated by Loudoun County vehicle definition for a commercial vehicle.
  • Trucks with dual wheels that are commercially licensed.
  • Any personally-owned vehicle with no more than 2 signs, either on the side and/or on the rear of the vehicle, with each sign covering a maximum area of 18 x 24 inches, will not be considered a commercial vehicle.
  • Any solid waste collection vehicle, tractor truck or tractor truck/semitrailer or tractor truck/trailer combination, dump truck, concrete mixer truck, towing and recovery vehicle with a registered gross weight of 12,000 pounds or more, and any heavy construction equipment, even if any of the foregoing are parked on a truck, trailer, or semitrailer.
  • Any trailer, semitrailer, or other vehicle in which food or beverages are stored or sold.
  • Any trailer or semitrailer used for transporting landscaping or lawn care equipment whether or not such trailer or semitrailer is attached to another vehicle.
  • Any vehicle licensed for use as a contract carrier or limousine.
  • Any vehicle more than 21 feet in length or more than eight feet in height including appurtenances attached to the vehicle or with a width of 102 inches or more, or with a gross weight of 12,000 or more pounds.
  • Any trailer, semitrailer, or double axle utility trailer, regardless of whether a state safety inspection is required, except those designed to be used as a camper trailer or boat trailer or a single axle utility trailer, regardless of whether such trailer or semitrailer is attached to another vehicle.
  • Any vehicle of any size that is being used in the transportation of hazardous materials as defined in§ 46.2-314.4 of the Code of Virginia.
  • Any vehicle with three or more axles.
  • Government vehicles assigned to officials who must respond to an emergency call will not be considered commercial vehicles, (Only Sheriff, Police, and Fire Department vehicles will be permitted under this policy.)
  • Association-owned vehicles are not subject to these restrictions.

Blocking Sidewalks/Parking on Lawns

To help ensure the safety of the Members and their loved ones, the Association is taking steps to improve enforcement of vehicle & parking issues. Parking in a manner that blocks the Association owned public sidewalk in Private Street Neighborhoods is a violation of the Ashburn Farm Association Parking Policy and endangers pedestrians when they are forced into the street to walk around an obstruction that blocks the sidewalk. Vehicles that park on driveway aprons, or in another manner that blocks the public sidewalk will receive a violation letter from the Association and could be invited to a 55-513 Hearing, where fines can be assessed. Vehicles that park on driveway aprons and extend back into the drive lane will be invited to a 55-513 Hearing &/or towed. Parking on lawns is also prohibited & is a violation of the Association Standards.

Reserved Parking

Reserved Parking is assigned by lot numbers. Click here to locate your lot numbers using your house number and street name.

Any resident on a street with reserved parking who finds an unauthorized vehicle in his/her reserved parking space may initiate immediate towing of the unauthorized vehicle, however, residents are strongly encouraged to solve any problems with the owner of the offending vehicle, if possible, prior to implementing towing of the same.

Only residents with reserved spaces may call an authorized towing company to remove an offending vehicle from their reserved space. The initiator of the tow must be present when the towing company arrives and must provide the towing company with a driver’s license. The driver’s license will enable the towing company to verify the initiators address to ensure that it corresponds to the reserved parking spaces assigned to a particular townhome. The initiator of the tow must sign an impound slip authorizing the tow.

Reporting Vehicle Violations

To report vehicle violations, please see our Property Concerns page.

When reporting a vehicle violation, your full contact information must be provided (personal information is not given out), as well as a description of the vehicle including license tag information, color, specific location, and a description of the violation. A member of the Covenants staff will investigate the violation and take appropriate action. Click here to view the Parking and Towing Policy.

Towing Information

Vehicles that have been towed may be picked up at:

Al’s Towing and Storage
11 Douglas Court
Sterling, VA 20166

Towing Fees

Please call Al’s Towing and Storage to get the latest towing charges.

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