Living In Ashburn Farm

A Brief History of Ashburn Farm

The majority of the land on which Ashburn Farm is located was originally the Gray Dairy Farm. A windmill was salvaged and restored from the Gray Estate and now stands with the large “Ohio Buckeye” tree.

The Ashburn Farm Partnership was created under Virginia law and began development in 1986. Construction started after the concept plan was approved by Loudoun County in 1986. Cavalier Land Development Corp., developers of Ashburn Farm, planned the community to blend with the natural rolling terrain, resulting in winding boulevards and lots of trees. Ashburn Farm is north of the Dulles Greenway and bordered by Belmont Ridge Rd to the west, Ashburn Rd to the east, and the W&OD Trail to the north.

The first home was purchased in the summer of 1988. All the roads and utilities were built to Loudoun County and State standards, and have been dedicated to the State of Virginia for continued maintenance. Streets in the townhouse areas however, were conveyed to and are maintained by the Ashburn Farm Association. Individual homeowners are responsible for common driveways and/or pipe stems.

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The Association and You

As with any home purchase, there are a number of important documents for you to read and understand prior to closing. As a homeowner in Ashburn Farm, you should also be very familiar with the Association’s governing documents, including the Ashburn Farm Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards

The Ashburn Farm Association is a separate, private, not-for-profit and non-stock Virginia Corporation. As a homeowner, you are automatically a member. The Association owns, maintains, and administers the common areas; administers and enforces the Covenants and Restrictions; and collects and disperses the assessments. The daily administration work is carried out by a paid General Manager and staff. The staff members take their direction from the seven member Board of Trustees, whose authority is granted in the Association’s governing documents.

You, as a homeowner, are responsible for:

  1. Payment of monthly assessments when due;
  2. Providing the Association Office with name and address changes, including property rental information;
  3. Purchasing a Disclosure Package when selling your home;
  4. Abiding by the Ashburn Farm Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and the Architectural Standards;
  5. And finally to become an informed and involved member of the community by volunteering and by attending the regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meetings. Please read the monthly newsletter and consult our website regularly to keep up-to-date on issues regarding Ashburn Farm.

Property Inspections

The Ashburn Farm Association performs annual property inspections & follow-up inspections on each townhome and single family lot in the community. The Annual Inspection process is a review of each lot and the exterior of all structures therein, using the Association’s Covenants and Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards as the benchmark. The exterior of the home, as well as any other structure or improvement to the property will be visually inspected for maintenance issues, like faded or mismatched paint, torn screens, rotted wood, etc. Simply put, your lot should be tidy and the exterior of any structures, modifications, etc. therein be maintained in good condition and clean. Click here for more information about the inspection process. To avoid receiving violations please perform a visual inspection of your home and take steps to correct any violations that you identify.

Information regarding the Association’s obligation and permission to inspect can be found on to page 21 in the Ashburn Farm Covenants and Restrictions, specifically Article VII, Section 4, titled Easement to Inspect.

Total Homes

Number of Homes
Total Homes3,862

  • Single Family Homes – 1,824
  • Townhomes – 1,416
  • Condominiums – 460
  • Apartments – 162

Recreational Amenities

Ashburn Farm has many amenities, including:

  • 3 Outdoor Swimming Pool Facilities
  • 11 Tennis Courts
  • 8 Basketball Courts
  • 2 Soccer Fields
  • 1 Pony-League Baseball Field
  • 1 Sand Volleyball Court
  • 1 Multi-Purpose Asphalt Court
  • 19 Tot Lots
  • 5 Ponds
  • 1 Pavilion
  • 20+ Miles of Bike and Exercise Trails