Common Area Maintenance

Ashburn Farm Association maintains the community common areas. Some of the most common maintenance projects are explained below.

Tree Removal Policy

All trees reported to the Home Owners Association will be identified and inspected as soon as possible. A determination will be made within 48 hours of that inspection on how to proceed with the identified tree. Ashburn Farm Association’s full Tree Removal Policy can be viewed here.

Townhome and Parkway Lighting

Lighting checks are performed on the private streets (townhome sections) and Ashburn Farm and Claiborne Parkways at the end of each month. The lights are repaired during the first 10 days of the next month. Lights will not be repaired outside of the policy unless the situation is deemed an emergency by the Board of Trustees, in an effort to manage lighting repair expenses.

Snow Removal Policy

The Association only clears the streets in the townhome areas. Please click here to view Ashburn Farm’s Snow Removal Policy for townhome neighborhoods. If you have any questions or concerns about the snow removal in townhome areas, feel free to call the Association Office at 703-729-6680 or email

VDOT is responsible for clearing all of the main roads and the streets in the single family areas. Please call VDOT directly at 703-383-VDOT if you have any questions or concerns about these areas. The roads in single family neighborhoods, along with state roads, such as Windmill Drive, are plowed and maintained by VDOT, not Ashburn Farm Association. Please click here to view VDOT’s snow removal policy. If you have any questions or concerns about the plowing of single family streets and/or state-maintained roads, please feel free to contact VDOT at 703-383-8368.

Please remember that it is the responsibility of the homeowners to clear their own sidewalks of snow and ice after a snow storm.


NO dumping is allowed on common areas at any time. This includes grass clippings, mulch, composting, rock, trash, etc. by either residents or any contractors.

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