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Loudoun County Recycles


Patriot Disposal

Phone:  1-703-257-7100 (must dial "1" from Ashburn)
Fax: 703-368-1469
P.O. Box 3219
Manassas, VA 20108

 Trash & Recycling Collection Days

Regular Trash Collection - Monday and Thursday
Yard Waste Recycling - Monday Only (March 1 - December 31) - Any yard waste placed at the curb during January and February will be disposed of as trash.
Regular Recycling - Thursday Only
Special Item Pick-UpPlease call to schedule

Patriot Disposal's service will include twice-per-week trash removal and once-per-week recycling.  Please do not put trash on the curb before 6:00 PM the night before pickup, and please remove your toter(s) from the curb as soon as possible after pick-up (the same day as trash/recycling pickup).  Trash and recycling services will take place between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.

There will be no trash pick-up if the regular service day falls on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or any other collection day when the refuse and recycling facilities are closed.  Collections services will resume on the next regularly-scheduled service day.  Please note: Collection tends to be somewhat delayed the day following a holiday.  

 General Info

Services will be provided on each of the designated service days unless otherwise noted.  Collection times, however, may vary.  Trash must be in a standard covered trash can.  Recycling materials must be placed in a lidded container that is identified as containing recyclables.  Please place the containers at the curb in front of your home.  Please have all items at the curb by 7:00 AM on each service day.  Uncollected trash and recycling should be reported to our Customer Service Department, 1-703-257-7100 or

Patriot will remove moving boxes of new residents from the curb, along with ordinary household refuse. The following items must not be put in toters, but instead be separated out for collection:  rocks, concrete, dirt, soil, sod, tree stumps, brick, landscaping timbers, construction debris, “trash-outs” and containers or bundles weighing more than 50 lbs. or longer than 4 feet.  Collection of these items may be provided for an additional charge.  Call the Patriot Disposal Customer Service Department for a quote. 

Please be sure to follow the ARB Guidelines:  Trash cans and recycling containers must be stored on one's own property and out of open view.  For this reason, storage of trash and recycling containers must be in the garage or behind the rear plane of the home against the structure.  Storage of these containers in front or beside the house or garage is not acceptable and is a violation.  An exception may be made if the property is fenced, however, the containers must be stored behind the fence against the side of the house or garage, providing the side yard is not directly facing the front of a neighboring housing unit, road frontage, or otherwise negatively impacting a neighboring home from ground level.  Trash, recycling, and storage containers cannot be kept on an elevated deck.


The Loudoun County Department of General Services has produced a new residential recycling guide.  The guide can be viewed here:

Loudoun County’s recycling rate is increasing thanks to everyone pitching in.  We recycled 117,000 tons in 2014, 63% of which was bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard.  Please take the time to recycle!!

Recycling will be collected by Patriot Disposal at the curb each week on Thursday. The recycling method is "single-stream"; recyclable materials may be placed all together in one container. Recyclable materials include newspaper, mixed paper, flattened cardboard (no larger than 4’x4’), glass, aluminum and metal food and beverage containers, and plastic bottles, jugs and containers. Recycling must be secured in a lidded container that is identified as recyclables.  Click here for more details on Patriot's recycling program.

  Household Hazardous Waste

Used motor oil, antifreeze, automobile batteries, lead-acid batteries, and propane tanks will not be accepted at any HHW collection events. They can be recycled year round at the Loudoun County Solid Waste Management Facility on 21101 Evergreen Mills Road.


HHW includes items such as fluorescent bulbs, household batteries, oil-based paints/stains/varnishes, paint thinners, metal polishes, rust removers, wood preservatives, furniture polish, waxes, pesticides/insecticides/herbicides, pool chemicals, old fuels (including gas/oil mixes), and many others. Latex or water-based paints are not a hazardous waste and can be dried or solidified and disposed of in your household garbage.

 Yard Debris

Leaf pileYard debris is defined as grass clippings, leaves and brush/hedge trimmings that result from the regular maintenance of your yard. Yard debris does not include stumps, rocks, dirt, sod, gravel, mulch, whole trees, or clean-up from storm damage.  Collection of these items may be provided for an additional charge. 

The specifics regarding yard waste collection are as follows:

Brush must be cut into four-foot lengths, with limbs no larger than four inches in diameter, tied in small bundles or bagged.

Bundles of brush can be no larger than two feet in diameter.

Leaves, grass clippings, hedge trimmings and all other yard debris must be placed in a separate container clearly marked “yard waste” or in biodegradable paper bags, in accordance with County regulations.

Yard waste that is put out at the curb in plastic bags will not be picked up.

 Special Item Pick-Up

Special items will be collected at the curb each week.  Special items include appliances, small furniture, small electronics, mattresses, and other large items.  Advance notice is required for the collection of all special items, with the exception of small furniture and mattresses, which may be placed at the curb with the regular trash. 

Up to two special items per residence, per year, will be collected at no additional charge (exceptions are listed below). 

Up to 29” - $50.00
30”-39” - $60.00
40”-49” - $80.00
50”-59” - $100.00

Tires - $35.00 ea. (car)
Grills - $35.00 ea.
Hot water heaters - $35.00 ea.
Lawn mowers - $35.00 ea.
Computers - $35.00 ea.
Filing cabinets - $35.00 ea.
Basketball hoops - $35.00 ea. (broken-down into 3 pieces and base emptied)
Basketball hoops - $70.00 ea. (not broken-down)
Car batteries - $35.00 ea.
Used oil / cooking oil - $35.00 ea. container
Toilets - $35.00 ea.
Exercise machines - $35.00 ea.

Charges for the following items are based on quantity/weight (Patriot will send someone out to do an estimate):

Construction debris
Excess yard waste or yard waste not tied in bundles or bagged
Trees, mulch, dirt, rocks, bricks, etc.
Swing sets
Patio table/chairs
Kitchen cabinets

All fees can be paid over the phone with a credit card (VISA or MC) and must be paid prior to pickup.

Special items scheduled for pickup that are not out on the scheduled pickup day will be re-scheduled for pickup at the request of the homeowner for an additional $25.00 fee. 

 Inclement Weather

snowflakesPatriot will make every effort to provide services when the weather is inclement. Services will be suspended upon notification that a snow, ice, or other weather-related emergency exists. In the event of such an emergency, collection services will resume on the next regularly-scheduled service day, road conditions permitting. 

 Trash Toters and Recycling Bins

Patriot will supply one (1)wheeled 96-gallon trash container (toter) and one (1) wheeled 64-gallon recycling container (toter) to each single-family home. Townhome residents may call Patriot to inquire about the availability of trash and recycling toters, or they may choose to purchase their own. There will be a replacement charge for each toter or bin that is lost, stolen or damaged by any means other than normal wear and tear. If you would like an additional toter, or bin they are available for a nominal fee. 

 Limits of Responsibility

Neither Patriot Disposal nor Ashburn Farm Association will be responsible for trash can lids, plastic trash cans, or any items, large or small, left near the trash cans.  Patriot Disposal will not collect trash from a container that is packed too tightly. Containers weighing more than 50 pounds will not be emptied.

Per County Regulations, the following items will NOT be collected: liquids of any kind, asbestos, ammunition, fuel tanks, hazardous waste, infectious or medical waste, petroleum contaminated soil, radioactive waste, dead animals, manure, dangerous acids, caustics, explosives, or other dangerous material, or items too large or too heavy to be loaded safely into the collection vehicles.

 Helpful Links

Loudoun County Office of Solid Waste Management (703-777-0187)

Loudoun County Recycling Hotline (703-771-5318)

Loudoun County Landfill (703-771-5500)

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