Pavilion - remodel

 Windmill Ballfield Scheduling Guidelines

The Pavilion is located next to the tennis courts, ballfield, Windmill Pond, tot lot, and the Windmill Recreation Center.  Pavilion and ball field use is FREE to residents (and can only be reserved by Ashburn Farm residents). The tot lot, tennis courts, or pond area cannot be reserved at any time. The reservation form must be submitted and approved before your reservation is valid.

There are several picnic tables at the Pavilion and two trash receptacles. Those reserving the Pavilion for an event should insure that when the event is over, the trash receptacles are emptied and a trash bag should be placed in each receptacle. Please bring the trash bags with you to the event.  There is no electricity at the Pavilion.

No bicycles, skateboards, or roller blades are allowed!

 Rules and Regulations for Pavilion and Grill
  • Pavilion furnitureThe Pavilion and Grill are available for use during daylight hours ONLY.
  • Anyone caught using the Pavilion area after daylight hours will be barred from using the Windmill Recreational Area including Windmill Pool, Pond, Tennis Courts, or Community Center.
  • Please clean Pavilion and surrounding area when done using them.  The homeowner that made the reservation is responsible for the cleanup of all trash and its disposal from the pavilion and grill areas. This includes the removal of all decorations, trash, spills, food, etc… All trash should be placed in the dumpster in the parking lot. *Please respect the Pavilion and Grill area as if it were your own personal property.
  • No Open Flames permitted anywhere but the inside the grill itself. 
  • No Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Skate Shoes, are allowed on the Pavilion or Grill area. 
  • Defacing HOA Common Property will not be tolerated.  This includes graffiti, marking on the pavilion or grill, concrete slabs, etc… with chalk, magic maker, paint, scratching or carving etc...  No Standing or sitting on the tables.
  • No Alcoholic beverages permitted at any time.    No taping, gluing, or otherwise attaching any decorations, balloons, etc… to the pavilion structure, railing, or columns.No Vehicles are allowed on the common area, loading and unloading must be done in the parking lot, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • NO TRESSPASSING.  Participating in the prohibited activities listed above will be regarded as trespassing and the Sheriff’s Department will be contacted.  Adequate supervision must be provided at all times, including but not limited to, one adult per 4 children under the age of 10 and one adult per 10 children under the age of 18.  You are responsible for the actions of your guests.
  • Reservations for the Pavilion and Grill, can be made on a first-come, first-served basis. All Reservations must be made in person at the HOA Office.
  • For Profit Businesses are not permitted to use the HOA Common Ground or its amenities without written authorization from the HOA. Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in immediately being asked to leave the premise.  
  • Leaving excessive trash may result in $50.00 per fee, damage to HOA property will result in prosecution.


   Windmill          Windmill              Oct '17 Reservations           Date         Day                  Start              End
  Pavilion            Ball Field                                                                                                     Time              Time
  X                        X                     Reserved - Steger                   1            Sun                  12:00PM        4:00PM
      X                                               Reserved - Bowen                  2            Mon                   1:00PM        5:00PM
      X                                               Reserved - Tellis                    4            Wed                  11:00AM       3:00PM
      X                                               Reserved - Paddock               5             Thu                   5:00PM         9:00PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Johanson              6             Fri                     5:00PM        8:00PM
      X                                               Reserved - Tellis                    7             Sat                   10:30AM       2:30PM 
      X                                               Reserved - Beal                     7             Sat                    2:45PM        6:45PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Aragon                 8             Sun                  11:30AM        3:30PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Noonan                8             Sun                    4:00PM         8:00PM
      X                                               Reserved - Aragon                14            Sat                   11:00AM        3:00PM 
      X                                               Reserved - Villalobos             14            Sat                     3:30PM        7:00PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Fremin                 15           Sun                   12:00PM        4:00PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Griffith                 21            Sat                    2:00PM        6:00PM
      X                                               Reserved - Yan                     22            Sun                  10:00AM        2:00PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Mesdaghi             22            Sun                    2:00PM        6:00PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Tarad                  28            Sat                   12:00PM        4:00PM


  Windmill          Windmill              Nov '17 Reservations           Date         Day                  Start              End
  Pavilion            Ball Field                                                                                                     Time              Time
  X                        X                     Reserved - Fronczek                7            Tue                   1:00PM        4:00PM
      X                        X                     Reserved - Gloukhoff             11            Sat                   12:00Pm       4:00PM
      X                                               Reserved - Rivero                 18             Sat                    2:00PM        6:00PM        

Windmill          Windmill              Apr '18 Reservations           Date         Day                  Start              End
  Pavilion            Ball Field                                                                                                     Time              Time
  X                                              Reserved - Coddington            21           Wed                12:00PM        4:00PM

 Windmill          Windmill              June '18 Reservations           Date         Day                  Start              End
  Pavilion            Ball Field                                                                                                      Time              Time
  X                                             Reserved - Samahon                 10            Sun                  10:00AM        2:00PM