Parking Information

  Parking & Towing

No parking near mailboxesClick here to review the Policies and Procedures Relative to Parking and Towing of Vehicles.

Parking Near Mailboxes
Any vehicle parked in front of or blocking mailbox access which impedes delivery or pickup will be towed without notice!

Firelane signFirelane Designations

Vehicles may be parked only in designated parking spaces. Vehicles may not park in park in “No Parking” areas or Fire lane areas as posted or designated.  

Blocking Handicap Ramps

Any vehicle parked in a manner that blocks any handicap ramp may be towed without notice.

Click here to review the process for reporting vehicle violations.

  Reserved Parking

Reserved Parking is assigned by lot numbers. Click here to locate your lot number using your house number and street name.

Any resident on a street with reserved parking who finds an unauthorized vehicle in his/her reserved parking space may initiate immediate towing of the unauthorized vehicle, however, residents are strongly encouraged to solve any problems with the owner of the offending vehicle, if possible, prior to implementing towing of the same.    

Only residents with reserved spaces may call an authorized towing company to remove an offending vehicle from their reserved space. The initiator of the tow must be present when the towing company arrives and must provide the towing company with a driver’s license. The driver’s license will enable the towing company to verify the initiators address to ensure that it corresponds to the reserved parking spaces assigned to a particular townhome. The initiator of the tow must sign an impound slip authorizing the tow.

  Towing Information

Vehicles that have been towed may be picked up at:

Road Runner Wrecker Service

45660-B Woodland Rd

Sterling, VA 20166


  Towing Fees

If your car is towed - the base price for the impound will be $150.00 for the first 24 hours.

There is an additional $25.00 fee per every additional 24 hours that the car stored until it is picked up by the owner.

The towing company does not accept checks; cash and credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) are accepted. A valid photo id (matching the credit card and registration) must be presented for releasing a vehicle. Acceptable ID’s include: passport, military ID, driver’s license, DMV valid walkers ID, or green card.

Please call Road Runner Wrecker Service to get the latest towing charges. The information above is subject to change and listed here for informational purposes only. The charges noted above were current as of the posted date but do not override any changes that may be made to Road Runner's towing fees.

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