Mailbox Guidelines & Resources

 Mailboxes (Single Family)

Sample Mailbox Mailboxes are a functional necessity, not a decorative item. Since they are in a visual location, they must be straightforward in design and mounted on simple posts constructed in accordance with the design provided. They must be located so as not to obstruct sindewalks or sight lines in accordance with postal regulations.

Single family mailboxes must be black and the supporting post must be painted Cocoa, as manufactured by Olympic or an ARB approved equivalent (shown below). The mailbox post and frop box/flyer slot are to be constructed of wood.

All postal boxes must meet postal regulations. Only temporary seasonal decorations are permitted. No application is required if replacing a mailbox with a similar mailbox. The USPS requires that numbers must be printed in numerals no less than 1" (inch) high and placed on the side of the mailbox visible to carriers as they approach it, or on the door if the mailboxes are grouped.


Also see "Unique Neighborhoods" in the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards for Cherrystone Place, Crossbreeze Place, Misty Meadow Court, Wildbrook Court, and Wintersrun Court.

The following illustration provides the Mailbox Design and Measurements.


Mailbox Design



 Mailbox Replacement

For mailbox replacement, the following resources may be helpful:

South Run Mailbox


This resource will charge you $249.00 plus tax for the installation (call them for their most recent pricing). Click here to access their website. Mailboxes and posts must conform to Ashburn Farm Architectural Guidelines. Please make sure you specify that when getting a new mailbox and post installed.

The above information is listed as a convenience to our homeowners only. If you use any of these resources for mailbox or mailbox post replacement, repair or painting, the Association takes no responsibility and gives no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the service provided. The homeowner is responsible for insuring that mailboxes and posts meet Ashburn Farm's Architectural Guidelines.

 Mailbox Post Painting

Occasionally, the Association Office will get calls regarding the re-painting of mailbox posts. Mailbox Stain Color Match All mailbox posts should be stained "Cocoa" (Olympic Solid Stain), which can be purchased at Lowe's. If shopping at Home Depot for a paint color comparable to the Cocoa stain noted above, use the mix noted in the picture to the right. You can double-click on the picture to enlarge it for better viewing and printing. Take this with you to the paint department at Home Depot to get the correct match.



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