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The Ashburn Farm Association will again be performing annual property inspections on each townhome and single family lot in the community. This is a response by the Association to the feedback received from the community to better enforce the Covenants and Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards of the Association. As the community continues to age, nearing 30 years, there is a genuine need for continued property maintenance.

The Annual Inspection process is a complete review of each lot and the exterior of the structures therein using the Governing documents, including the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards as the benchmark. Information regarding the Association's obligation and permission to inspect can be found by following this link: on to page 21 in the Ashburn Farm Covenants and Restrictions, specifically Article VII, Section 4, titled Easement to Inspect. The exterior of the home, as well as any other structure or improvement to the property will be visually inspected for maintenance issues, like faded or mismatched paint, torn screens, rotted wood, etc. Simply put, your lot should be tidy and the exterior of any structures, modifications, etc. therein be maintained in good condition and clean. Click here for more information about the inspection process. To avoid receiving violations please perform a visual inspection of your home and take steps to correct any violations that you identify.

If you have made a modification to your home or an improvement to your lot and have not filed an Exterior Alteration Application with the Association Office please do so as soon as possible to avoid receiving a violation for not doing so; the forms are available in the Association Office or online.

If you do receive a letter from the Association noting a violation of the Covenants and/or the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards it is simply a first request to remedy the issue noted and will not result in fines if remedied prior to the compliance date provided in the letter you receive.

The property inspectors have orange uniform shirts that have the AFHOA logo on the chest and the word INSPECTOR beneath it, as well as an AFHOA ID badge, identifying them as property inspectors. The timing of the property inspections will be after 8AM until dusk, approximately 7:15 PM. As a courtesy, the inspector will knock on your door (unless there is some obstruction) and let any occupant know that they will be entering the front and rear yard to inspect the property, in accordance with the Covenants of the Association. Please direct any questions to the Association Office at 703-729-6680.

The Association is continuing its enforcement policy, which provides an extended correction period, to allow ample time to obtain bids and complete the work within the initial 90 day compliance period. This policy requires that any hardship request for additional time be received by the Association within the initial 90 day compliance period and does not allow the staff to grant extensions, but shifts those types of requests for waivers & extensions due to hardships to the Board of Trustees. Board Appeal forms are available on the HOA website, as well as in the Association office and must be received at least ten days before a Board Meeting to be heard at that meeting.

 Responsibility of the Covenants Departments & ARB

The purpose of the Ashburn Farm Covenants and Restrictions is to give our community a more standard appearance and control some of the activities that take place within its boundaries. When enforced, covenants protect property values.

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) is delegated the responsibility of ensuring that proposed exterior alterations to homeowner properties within the Association comply with the objectives set forth in the Covenants. The ARB members (made up of volunteer homeowners) conduct regular and systematic reviews of all applications submitted by residents. Their main function is to assure that the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the governing documents, which set the standards of Ashburn Farm's quality of design, is implemented and maintained.

The Ashburn Farm Architectural Guidelines Booklet is provided to homeowners as a reference in understanding the Covenants, architectural review procedures and application processes, and established design principles and standards.  If you have questions regarding any exterior changes to your home, or are interested in getting involved with the ARB, attend their next meeting. ARB meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.

 Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards

The Architectural Guidelines are posted to this website. Click here to view the Adobe version of the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards (PDF is searchable for keywords). This provides easy access to the forms and worksheets developed to aid homeowners when submitting requests for approvals on Exterior Changes.
You can also print from this website. Please keep in mind that this is a large file and will take time to download and print. You must have Adobe Reader loaded to access this file.
A hardcopy of the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards, and all associated forms may also be picked up at the Association Office at 21400 Windmill Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147 during office hours.  All forms are also in the Adobe format.  Questions should be directed to:

 Types of Inspections

Below is a description of the types of inspections that are done on Ashburn Farm properties. All inspections are done on the outside only. The Ashburn Farm staff does not perform any inspections inside homes.

Annual Property Inspection: This inspection is a complete review of each lot and the exterior of the structures therein. When the Covenants Team reviews your property, the Governing documents, including the Architectural Guidelines document, are used as the benchmark. The exterior of the home will be visually inspected for any wood deterioration or fading paint. A visual inspection of your gutters, downspouts and drains will be done to ensure everything is securely attached and in good condition. Your siding will be inspected for discoloration, excessive dirt, or other damage or stains. The location of any portable basketball goals or play equipment will be noted as well as any trash cans and recycling containers not stored properly. Lawns that need to be cut or trees that should be pruned or removed will be noted. Also as part of a requirement of Loudoun County code, we will ensure your house numbers are easily visible from the street. Simply put … your lot should be tidy!  Please click to read more about the inspection process and what it entails.

The appearance of your deck, patio, and any other exterior improvements that may exist will also be inspected. If you have made a modification to your home or an improvement to your lot and have not filed an Exterior Alteration Application with the Association Office, please do so as soon as possible to avoid receiving a violation for not doing so. The forms are available in the Association Office or on the Association website.

Complaint Inspection: These are inspections made to investigate a specific complaint received by the Association Office. All complaints to the office must be made in writing-see resident Complaint Process below.

Disclosure Inspection: These inspections are performed at the request of the homeowner, automatically when a Disclosure Packet is applied for. The homeowner's property is walked and inspected for compliance. (Landscape, lawn and the exterior of the home will be viewed.) The Association will verify that all exterior modifications have been applied for and constructed in accordance with the approved application. If modifications were made without an Exterior Alteration Application (EAA) being submitted and approved or if the modification was not constructed in accordance with the approved application, then this would be a violation.

Some of the most common exterior modifications that have been noted as violations are:

  • Hardscape i.e., walkways, patios, widening of driveways
  • Play sets or other recreational structures
  • Color changes on doors, shutters, siding, etc.
  • Major landscape enhancements, including walls, rock & ponds
  • Removal of porch railings


    Other exterior issues that would constitute a violation include, but are not limited to:

  • Peeling paint and exposed wood on any area of the home
  • Rusted and corroded metal railings, rust stains on steps and landing
  • Fences that are beyond "weathered naturally", i.e., excessive mold or mildew or fungus, etc.
  • Excessive warping on any exterior wood structure i.e., fence pickets, garage doors, etc.
  • Excessive mildew, mold, grime on any exterior structure i.e., walkouts, decks, siding, fences, etc.
  • Landscape is examined for dead plants, excessive weeds, etc.
  • Missing or damaged gutters, downspouts, shutters, fence & railing pickets, window screens, etc.
  • Mismatched paint colors (i.e., shutters that are two or more different colors)
  • Any exterior structure requiring maintenance


The homeowner is notified of any detected violations (from any of the above inspections) and given a time-frame in which to make the repairs or perform the maintenance.  After the homeowner resolves those items in violation, the Association Office should be notified by the homeowner, and a second inspection requested to confirm and close out the violations which are on record.
To avoid receiving violations, please perform a visual inspection of your home and take steps to correct any violations that you identify. To assist you in correcting any maintenance items you or the Covenants staff may discover, below is a list of contractors that offer a discount to Ashburn Farm residents:

Cascade Power-Washing & Cleaning (703-915-2402) and Sonny-N-Sons Painting (703-779-1343) are offering a 10% discount to Ashburn Farm residents.

 Members of the ARB

Duane Glass - Chair

Randy Vosbeck - Vice Chair

Elizabeth Finn - Secretary

Karen Lowe

 Jeff Colclough



 Guidelines for Common Exterior Changes

Article VI of the Ashburn Farm Association Declaration provides that no improvements, alterations, repairs, change of paint colors, excavations, changes in grade or other work, which in any way alters the exterior of any lot or common area or the improvements located thereon shall be made or done without the prior written approval of the Association.

The Association has adopted the following Architectural Guidelines to provide guidance to owners when they prepare an application to improve or alter their lot or home. While alterations which conform to the Architectural Guidelines are usually approved, each lot and application is different, so compliance with the Guidelines does not guarantee approval. Please do not make alterations to your property without first obtaining the approval of the Association as required by Declaration.

Clicking on the picture to the right will provide the document in Adobe format. Please keep in mind that this is a large file and may take time to load.

Please remember call 811 before starting any digging project!  One easy phone call to 811 starts the process to get your underground utility lines marked for free. Local One Call Center operators will ask you for the location of your digging job and route your call to affected utility companies. Your utility companies will then send a professional locator to your location to mark your lines within a few days. Once your underground lines have been marked, you will know the approximate location of your utility lines and can dig safely. Click here for information about Miss Utility.

Mailboxes:  Click here for information on mailbox painting and replacement

 Resident Complaint Process

In accordance with the Ashburn Farm Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, resident property complaints are not accepted over the phone to the Association Office. They are only accepted in writing. There are three ways for residents to have complaints addressed: Send an email to Stop by the Association Office and pick up a "Community Complaint Form" located in the mailbox immediately outside the front door (or at the front desk during business hours). The completed form can be placed in the drop box after hours, or handed in at the front desk. You can also fax the completed form to 703-729-0247. The form can also obtained by using the link in the Contents Column. Write a letter and send it U.S. Mail to the Association Office located at 21400 Windmill Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147. Full contact information (your name, phone, and address) must be included on all complaints. This information is not given out. It is used by the Association Office Staff for verification and record purposes and contact only. We do not accept - or act on - anonymous complaints.  

 Vehicle Violations

Please call vehicle violations into the Association Office 703-729-6680. When reporting a vehicle violation, your full contact information must be provided (personal information is not given out), as well as a description of the vehicle including license tag information, color, and specific location as well as a description of the violation. A member of the Covenants Administration staff will investigate the violation and take appropriate action.  Click here to view the Parking Policy.

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