Common Area Maintenance

  Annual Property Inspections

The Ashburn Farm Association will again be performing annual property inspections on each townhome and single family lot in the community.  This is a response by the Association to the feedback received from the community to better enforce the Covenants and Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards of the Association.  As the community continues to age, now going on its twenty-sixth year, there is a genuine need for continued property maintenance.  

The Annual Inspection process is a complete review of each lot and the exterior of the structures therein using the Governing documents, including the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards as the benchmark.  The exterior of the home, as well as any other structure or improvement to the property will be visually inspected for maintenance issues, like faded or mismatched paint, torn screens, rotted wood, etc.  Simply put … your lot should be tidy and the exterior of any structures, modifications, etc… therein be maintained in good condition and clean.  To avoid receiving violations please perform a visual inspection of your home and take steps to correct any violations that you identify. 

If you have made a modification to your home or an improvement to your lot and have not filed an Exterior Alteration Application with the Association Office please do so as soon as possible to avoid receiving a violation for not doing so; the forms are available in the Association Office or online. 

If you do receive a letter from the Association noting a violation of the Covenants and/or the Architectural Design & Maintenance Standards it is simply a first request to remedy the issue noted and will not result in fines if remedied prior to the compliance date provided in the letter you receive.

The Association is continuing its enforcement policy, which provides an extended correction period, to allow ample time to obtain bids and complete the work within the initial 90 day compliance period.  This policy requires that any hardship request for additional time be received by the Association within the initial 90 day compliance period and does not allow the staff to grant extensions, but shifts those types of requests for waivers & extensions due to hardships to the Board of Trustees.  Board Appeal forms are available on the HOA website, as well as in the Association office and must be received at least ten days before a Board Meeting to be heard at that meeting.


 Tree Removal Policy

All trees reported to the Home Owners Association will be identified and inspected as soon as possible. A determination will be made within 48 hours of that inspection on how to proceed with the identified tree.  Ashburn Farm Association's full Tree Removal Policy can be viewed here.

 Townhome and Parkway Lighting

Lighting checks are performed in the townhome sections and the parkways at the end of each month. Non-working lights (repairs and bulb changes) are forwarded to a company contracted by Ashburn Farm Association for this purpose. The lights are repaired during the first 10 days of the next month. Please keep this in mind when calling in a light that isn't working. The light will not be repaired outside the contracted schedule. This schedule helps to keep lighting repair expense down to a minimum.

 Snow Removal Policy

The Association only clears the streets in the townhome areas. Please click here to view Ashburn Farm's Snow Removal Policy for townhome neighborhoods. If you have any questions or concerns about the snow removal in townhome areas, feel free to call the Association Office at 703-729-6680 or email

VDOT is responsible for clearing all of the main roads and the streets in the single family areas. Please call VDOT directly at 703-383-VDOT if you have any questions or concerns about these areas. The roads in single family neighborhoods, along with state roads, such as Windmill Drive, are plowed and maintained by VDOT, not Ashburn Farm Association. Please click here to view VDOT