Tennis Committee

  Tennis Committee Charter (Effective 1/04)

Ashburn Farm Tennis Committee is an existing ad-hoc Committee whose purpose is to oversee the efficient and professional operation of the Association's tennis program ensuring an equal opportunity for all residents to participate in this program. The Committee shall review the existing rules approved by the Board and shall make recommendations when necessary to improve upon these rules.

The Committee shall give due notice for its meetings. The chairperson will be elected by the Tennis Committee and presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. The chairperson is responsible for coordinating and supervising the Committee activities and meetings to assure that Committee responsibilities are met. The chairperson shall appoint a Committee of volunteers to meet monthly at an agreed upon time and place. This Committee shall not exceed ten and must have a quorum of three to carry out motions. The chairperson shall appoint a secretary to take notes.

The Tennis Committee will work closely with Ashburn Farm management to ensure proper coordination in meeting program needs such as advertising and repairs. The chairperson will submit an annual budget in a timely manner to the Budget and Finance Committee and shall monitor engineer surveys to ensure tennis court needs are adequately addressed in the Replacement Reserve Schedule. The chairperson or designated representative shall attend monthly board meetings. Any recommendations shall be submitted in a timely manner via management to the board in writing and then presented to the board in an open meeting.

  Volunteer for the Committee

If you'd like to volunteer some of your time by participating on the Tennis Committee please contact the Association office at 703-729-6680 or you can email Feel free to stop by one of our meetings. Volunteers are always welcome!

 Tennis Court Locations

Click here for information on the tennis court locations.

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  • Resolution Adopted 12/7/04

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