Board of Trustees

David Tighe – President

Scott Batchelder – Vice President

Cary Hancock – Secretary

Steve Lubore – Treasurer

Rich Oakley – Trustee

Doug Brewer – Trustee

Mark Fedak – Trustee

The Board of  Trustees meets the first Tuesday of every month. They will meet twice in July, with the additional meeting date being the Associations annual meeting, July 29th.  There will not be a meeting held in August. The Association sends via e-mail notification with a reminder of the meeting date, a link to the meeting agenda, and a link to join the Board meeting remotely.  A copy of the monthly Board of Trustees meeting agenda is available below.

January Meeting Agendas

February Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Minutes

January_5_2021 BOT Minutes-Final

February 2 2021 Board of Trustees Minutes-Final v2

March 2021 Board of Trustees Minutes-Final.v 2.3