General Information about Homeowners Assessments

 Assessments - Where Does the Money Go?

Assessments are paid by every member of the Association and are divided into two categories:  General Assessments and Neighborhood Assessments.

All Ashburn Farm homeowners pay a General Assessment for: common area landscape maintenance, capital reserves and improvements, general administration, utilities, taxes, insurance, common property maintenance (including amenities such as tot lots, athletic fields, etc.), pool memberships and community/committee programs, etc.

The Neighborhood assessment for single family homes pays for trash and recycling pick up. However, for townhouses it not only pays for trash and recycling services but includes street light electricity - maintenance and repair, snow removal and the repair and maintenance of townhome parking areas and sidewalks.

Condominiums have a separate association that is responsible for their maintenance and upkeep of the open space, building exteriors, utilities, pool, etc.; however, they also pay the General Assessment to Ashburn Farm Association for common area maintenance items.  (For more information, see Budget and Finance. Once the Association's annual budget is approved by the Board of Trustees in December, the information is provided to the Ashburn Farm Association's contracted Financial Company (see above) to prepare the HOA assessment billing for the next year.

  At the September 2012 BOT Meeting, the Board voted to amend the assessment collection schedule to allow monthly payments. Assessment payments will be due on the first of each month; however, the Association will continue accepting quarterly pre-payments. At the end of December 2012, each owner will receive a coupon booklet from Summit Management. Coupons should accompany payments made by check. Online payments will continue to be accepted as well. Payments received after the 30th of those months will incur a $25.00 late charge:

Assessments 2016 Monthly Fee 2016 Quarterly Total
Public Street $74.13 $225.39
Private Street $83.00 $249.00
Condo $53.53 $160.59
Assessments 2017 Monthly Fee 2017 Quarterly Total
Public Street $76.81 $230.43
Private Street $87.14 $261.42
Condo $56.19 $168.57

Click here to view your account balance with Summit Management.

Summit Management Services handles all of the Association's financial needs.  You may contact them with any questions at:

Summit Management Services, Inc.
Phone: 301-495-0146

Payments may be made to Ashburn Farm Association in several different ways.  Please click here for all payment options.

 Payment Via U.S. Mail

Please make all payments in check or money order to:  

Ashburn Farm Association
C/O Summit Management, Processing Center
P.O. Box 95366

Las Vegas, NV 89193-5366

 Direct Debit

Click here to obtain the form to sign up for automatic withdrawal from a checking account to pay your assessments.  Fill out the form and mail it to the accounting department at:

Summit Management Services, Inc., AAMC
3833 Farragut Ave
Kensington, MD  20895

You will receive a confirmation letter with a start date for the direct debit and should continue to pay assessments until that confirmation letter is received.

 Online Payments

Click here to access the Summit Management website.  (Click on the pay assessments tab) and you can make a one-time payment with a debit or credit card, or setup recurring payments. (Recurring payments need to be renewed annually).